Recreation Sites

Recreation sites provide a simple, rustic camping experience. Generally located in remote areas and accessed by gravel forestry roads, recreation sites provide only basic facilities, such as fire rings, picnic tables, outhouses, and, where appropriate, boat-launching ramps. Potable water is not available, and there is no electricity at recreation sites. At a limited number of recreation sites with on-site operators, supervisory services are provided.

There are two basic types of recreation sites:

  • Sites with fees
  • Sites without fees

Sites with Fees

These sites are managed through partnership agreements with recreation groups, community organizations, First Nations, private citizens, local governments and forest companies. Camping fees are charged to pay for the services provided by the agreement holder, which may include supervision, daily maintenance, and facility/structure maintenance. Camping fees can range from $10-$15 per night for a person, family or party of six.

Sites without Fees

These sites are managed through partnership agreements or maintenance contracts. No fees are charged for the services provided because the agreement holder has alternative ways of recovering the costs (e.g., volunteers), or the ministry covers the cost of the maintenance contract.