Recreation Trails

BC’s recreation trails are used for many different purposes (hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, ATV riding, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling). The types of trails available can range from rustic, single-track paths through dense forest to wide-tracked rail trails with high quality tread surfaces.

Many of our trails are set in spectacular natural settings, and in addition to providing access to beautiful destinations (e.g., recreation features), they also provide users with a sense of enjoyment, fulfilment and accomplishment along the journey. There are also many historical and heritage trails in BC that traces the footsteps of our forbearers and reminds us of important events in the development of the province.

BC is blessed with an extensive network of recreation trails and the potential to develop a tourism destination of world-class stature. We are currently developing a Recreation Trails Strategy for British Columbia to ensure that our recreation trails provide sustainable opportunities for all types of users – non-motorized and motorized. Regular updates on the strategy will be posted on this website.

Similar to recreation sites, some recreation trails have user fees while others are free of charge. Recreation trails where fees are charged are managed under a partnership agreement whereby the partner charges a fee for services provided, such as trail grooming, brushing, and other maintenance activities.