Choosing Your Site/Trail and Getting There

Each visitor to a recreation site or trail has specific expectations and needs. In addition, every site and trail is unique and offers something different. To assist you in getting the most out of your experience, please consider the following when choosing your site or trail:

  1. Want a particular activity? Search by Activity/Facility.
  2. Want a particular type of facility? Search by Activity/Facility.
  3. Know the name of the site and just want to know where it is – search the Alphabetical Listing.
  4. Want to visit a specific location – search by Location.
  5. Want it all? Click on one of the following buttons below:

All of the above searches will supply descriptions of sites and trails and directions on how to get to the site or trail.

The above searches will also tell you if there is a problem with visiting a particular site (e.g., closure, bear in camp etc)

Other good sources for information are the high quality recreation maps and map books produced by Backroad Mapbooks and available for purchase at most book stores, outdoor stores or service stations.