Rocky Mountain District

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Recreation Trails Activities Status Access
Fees Fishing Swimming Horseback Riding Hiking Mountain Biking Snowmobiling Cross-country Skiing Picnicking Trail Bike Riding - Motorized
Lower Bugaboo Falls                   Open
Dibble Creek Trail                   Open 2WD
Galbraith-Aldertree Trail                 Open 4WD
Graves Lookout Trail                 Open 2WD
Cliff Lake Trail                 Open 4WD
Cooper Lake Trail                 Open 2WD
Goldrun Lake Trail                 Open 2WD
Kiakho Lake Trail                   Open
Lakit Lookout Trail                   Open 4WD
Lisbon Lake Trail                 Open 4WD
Mause Creek/Tangle Foot Trail                   Open 4WD
Mitchell Lake Trail                 Open 4WD
Mount Fisher Trail                   Open 4WD
Richmond Lake Trail                 Open 2WD
South Star Snowshoe                   Open
St. Marys X-C Ski Trails                     Open 2WD
Sphinx Mtn.Trail                   Open
Balancing Rock Trail                   Open 2WD
Char Creek                   Open 2WD
Ladyslipper Trail                   Open 2WD
Monk Lake Trail                 Open 4WD
Nun Lake Trail                 Open 2WD
Pack                   Open 2WD
Rotary                   Open
Sanca Creek Trail                   Open 4WD
Sherman Lake Trail                   Open 4WD
Sullivan Creek                     Open
Thompson Rim Trail                   Open 4WD
West Ridge                   Open
Wooden Shoe                   Open 4WD
Aldridge Creek Trail                     Open 2WD
Boivin Creek Trail                 Open 2WD
Boivin Creek Trail North                     Open 2WD
Crossing Creek                 Open 4WD
Hornaday Pass                   Open 2WD
Mountain Walk Trail                   Open 2WD
Ptarmigan Lake Trail                 Open 2WD
Trail Seven                   Open
Weary Creek Trail                     Open 2WD
Gibraltar Lookout Trail                   Open 4WD
Corbin Creek               Open Trail
Fairy Creek - Mt Proctor Trail                     Open 2WD
Hartley / Sulphur Snowmobile Trail                 Open 2WD
Heiko's Trail                     Open 2WD
Mount Fernie Trail                   Open 4WD
Mount Hosmer Trail                   Open 2WD
Snowshoe Lake Trail                 Open Trail
Three Sisters Trail                   Open 4WD
Wigwam Lookout Trail                   Open 4WD
Bear Lake Trail                   Closed 2WD
Lost/Sunken Creek Trail                 Open 2WD
Sunken Creek Trail               Open 4WD
Tanglefoot/Cliff Trail                   Open
Certainty Mine                   Open 4WD
Dainard Lake Trail               Open 4WD
David Thompson Trail                 Open 4WD
Gorman Lake                   Open 4WD
Moonraker                   Open
Mountain Shadows                   Open
Prairie Hills               Open Motor Home
Quartz Creek               Open 2WD
Silent Pass Trail               Open 2WD
Thompson Falls                   Open 2WD
Wolverine Pass                 Open 4WD
Baldy Lake Trail                 Open 2WD
Brewer Creek                 Open 2WD
Delphine Glacier                   Open 4WD
Jumbo Trail East                   Open
Kloosifier Trail               Open 2WD
Lillian Lake Trails               Open 2WD
Pedley Pass               Open 2WD
Swansea Slopes                 Open 2WD
Thunderwater Lake Trail                 Closed
Baker Lake Trail                 Open Trail
Haystack Lake Trail                   Open 4WD
Hourglass Lake Trail                 Open 2WD
Lois Creek Trails                   Open Trail
Mallandaine Pass Trail                   Open 2WD
Mayo-Ailsa Lakes Trail                   Open 2WD
Mcginty Trails                   Open
Mount Evans Trail                   Open 2WD
Pyramid Creek Trail                 Open 2WD
Round The Mountain                 Open 2WD
White Boar Lake Trail                   Open 2WD
Baird Brook Trail                   Open Trail
Aurora Creek-Marvel Pass                 Open 2WD
Azure Lake Trail                   Open 2WD
Chalice Creek                   Open 4WD
Diana Lake                 Open 2WD
Forster Creek Trail                 Closed Trail
Lake Of The Hanging Glacier                   Closed 2WD
Mclean Creek Trail             Open 4WD
Pinto Mountain                   Open 2WD
Rocky Point Trail                   Open 2WD
Septet Pass Trail                 Open 2WD
Templeton Lake Trail                   Open 2WD
Welsh Lake Trails                   Open 2WD
White Man Pass Trail                 Open 4WD
Saddleback Trail               Open
Mt Stephens Trail                 Open 4WD


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