Headwaters District

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Fees Camping Boat Launch Fishing Boating Canoeing Beach Activities Swimming Horseback Riding Hiking Mountain Biking Trail Bike Riding - Motorized Snowmobiling Cross-country Skiing Picnicking
Dennis Lake                         Open 2WD
Finn Creek Parking Lot                             Closed 2WD
Mud Lake West                     Open 4WD
Mystery Lake                         Open 4WD
Parbury Falls                               Open Boat-in
Boundary Lake                         Open 2WD
Clearwater River Trail                           Open 2WD
Coldscaur Lake North                     Open Motor Home
Coldscaur Lake South                       Open 2WD
Double Lakes                         Open 2WD
East Maury Lake                       Open 2WD
Ejas Lake                         Open 2WD
Gannett Lake                         Open 4WD
Gordon Bay                     Open 2WD
Graffunder Lakes North                       Open 2WD
Grizzly Lake East                     Open 2WD
Honeymoon Bay                 Open 2WD
Italia Lake                         Open 2WD
Kitty Anne Lake                         Open 2WD
Lawrence Lake East                         Open 2WD
Lawrence Lake West                         Open 2WD
Lolo Lake                       Open Motor Home
Moira Lake South                         Open 2WD
Moose Lake                         Open 2WD
Raft Mountain                         Closed Trail
Reflector Lake East                       Open 2WD
Rocky Point                     Open 2WD
Sicily Lake South                         Open 2WD
Silence Lake                       Open 4WD
Silvertip Falls                         Open 2WD
Skyline Lake                       Open 4WD
Sock Lake                     Open 2WD
Trophy Meadows Trail Parking Area                             Open 4WD
Tsikwustum Creek North (Silviculture Camp)                   Open Motor Home
Tsikwustum Creek South                       Open 4WD
White Lake                           Open 2WD
Willis Snowmobile Cabin                           Closed Trail
Windy Lake                           Open 2WD
Shere Lake                           Open 2WD
Beaver River                         Open 2WD
Beaver River Falls                           Open 2WD
Bell Mountain Meadow                           Closed Trail
Bell Mountain Parking Lot (Km 5)                               Closed 2WD
Eagle Valley Cabin                           Closed Trail
Halfway Viewpoint                             Open 2WD
Lasalle Lakes (West)                       Open Motor Home
Lucille Mountain                           Closed 2WD, Trail
Lucille Parking Lot And Alpine Cabin                               Closed 2WD
Mcbride Peak Site                           Open 4WD
Mt. Renshaw Alpine                       Closed Trail
Ozalenka Trailhead And Parking Area                           Open 2WD
Allan Creek Trail                         Closed Trail, 2WD
Camp Creek Trails                           Open 2WD
Canoe Reach Marina                     Open Motor Home
Chappell Creek Parking Area                             Closed Motor Home
Chappell Creek Snowmobile Area                           Closed Trail
Clemina Creek Trails                         Closed Trail
Griffin Sawmill Recreation Site                     Open 2WD
Horse Creek Recreation Site                   Open Motor Home
Little Lost Lake                       Open 2WD
Mckirdy Meadow Cabin                           Open Trail
Tete Jaune Spawning Grounds                         Open 2WD
Upper Canoe                             Open 2WD
West Ridge Cabin                           Closed Trail
Yellowjacket Creek                   Open Motor Home


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