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Tenquille Lake - Hawint
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Tenquille Lake - Hawint
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Tenquille Lake - Hawint
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Tenquille Lake - Hawint
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Tenquille Lake - Hawint
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Tenquille Lake - Hawint

Tenquille Lake - Hawint (Pemberton)


  • Rec Site #:REC0237
  • Type:Maintained
  • Fees:None
  • Campsites:9
  • Access:Trail
  • Facilities:Toilets
  • Site Description:OVERNIGHT CAMPING AND USE OF THE CABIN IS NOW FEE FOR SERVICE AND RESERVATION ONLY. Bookings: https://pembertonwildlifeassociation.com/services/tenquille-lake-cabin/ Tenquille Lake (Hawint) is within the unceded territory of the Lil̓wat Nation and has always been sacred to Lil̓wat Nation. The greater Tenquille Lake area, is also within the unceded territory of N'Quatqua.

    This crystal clear sub-alpine lake is accessed via the Tenquille-Owl Lakes trail system. Access the lake from the Hurley FSR (via the Branch 12 trail; 6km, 640m elevation gain) or from the Lillooet River FSR (Historic Tenquille Trail; 9km, 1480m elevation gain). You can also take a 4-5 day hike through the mountain passes from Chain lakes to Tenquille, from the Owl Creek FSR. See the trails listing for information on these trails.

    Tenquille Lake is grizzly bear country. Be bear aware, store your food only in the bins provided, and never feed bears.

    Pursuant to S.20 of the Forest Rec. Reg. :
    1. Unauthorized Helicopter access is prohibited
    2. Unauthorized horse use within the recreation site is prohibited.
    3. Recreational motorized use is prohibited year-round within the recreation site and on Tenquille Lake trails.
    4. Dogs are not permitted within the recreation site or on the trails leading to the lake.
    5. Mountain biking is not permitted within the recreation site or on the trails leading to the lake, or on the Mt. Barbour trail.
    6. Camping is allowed in designated sites only.
    7. Campfires are not permitted in the recreation site.

    Please be respectful, pack out what you pack in, obey all posted rules and leave the cabin better than you found it!

    The Province is working in partnership with Lil̓wat Nation and N'Quatqua to implement the Visitor Use Management Strategy for the Tenquille Lake area. See documents link below.

  • Driving Directions:The trails that lead to Tenquille Lake can be found on this website. Go to "search options" then "alphabetical name" and click the "show trails" button. Look for "Tenquille Lake Trail from Branch 12" for access via the Hurley FSR for 4X4 vehicles or look for "Tenquille Lake Historic Trail" for access from the start of the Upper Lilloet FSR where 4x4 vehicles are not required. A more challenging, 3-5 day traverse is also possible from the Chain Lakes-Owl Lakes trail.

    The Pemberton Wildlife Association has helped manage and continues to manage this site. For more information please check out their website: Pemberton Wildlife Association

  • Fire Bans and Restrictions:Link

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  • Site Maps:

Tenquille Lake Overview Map.pdf

Tenquille Lake Detailed Map.pdf

Tenquille Lake Campsite Map.pdf

  • Site Documents:

Tenquille Lake Visitor Use Management Strategy.pdf


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