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Giveout Creek (Morning Mountain)
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Giveout Creek (Morning Mountain)
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Giveout Creek (Morning Mountain)
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Giveout Creek (Morning Mountain)
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Giveout Creek (Morning Mountain)
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Giveout Creek (Morning Mountain)
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Giveout Creek (Morning Mountain)
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Giveout Creek (Morning Mountain)

Giveout Creek (Morning Mountain) (Nelson)

Mountain BikingHiking

  • Rec Site #:REC136005
  • Type:
  • Fees:None
  • Campsites:0
  • Access:Road
  • Facilities:None
  • Site Description: One of the most popular and recently developed areas in town, there is about 20 KM of trails here. There is a beginner up track (upper bottoms and bottoms up) that climbs 2.7 KM at a low angle right to the 9 KM marker on the Giveout FSR. This is a multi-use are biking and hiking area, but is primarily used for mountain biking. Down track options that return to the base of the ski hill are: born again, lefty, lower placenta, oilcan, unitcruzer, and turnstyles . For detailed trail info please see link to trail forks. https://www.trailforks.com/region/morning-mountain-15679/

  • Driving Directions: From the four way stop at the West end of Baker Street, follow highway 3A for 200 Meters and take the off ramp to the right as you would be heading to Castlegar BC. Follow Highway 3A for approximately 850 Meters and then turn left onto Granite Road. Follow Granite Road for 4.2 Km to the Blewett Ski Hill Road where you turn left here (big sign at bottom of road). Follow Blewett Ski Hill Road for 1.1 KM to reach the main parking area for the trails. Picnic tables, an outhouse, and maps can be found at the parking lot. For vehicle access to the top of the trails use the Giveout Creek Forest Service Road, which is approximately 7 km South of Nelson on Highway 6 towards Salmo. The main drop point is at 9KM on the Giveout FSR.

  • Fire Bans and Restrictions:Link

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