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Caribou Lake
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Caribou Lake
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Caribou Lake
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Caribou Lake
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Caribou Lake
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Caribou Lake
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Caribou Lake
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Caribou Lake
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Caribou Lake

Caribou Lake (Nakusp)

CanoeingFishingBoat LaunchCamping

  • Rec Site #:REC2301
  • Type:Maintained
  • Fees:None
  • Campsites:3
  • Access:Road
  • Facilities:Boat Launch
  • Site Description:Caribou Lake is a popular fishing spot best suited to cartop boats and canoes. It is a small lake with an island, marshy shoreline and a mud bottom. The 3 tables are arranged around a semi-open area, making this a good campsite for a small group or family. Boating restriction: electric motors only.

  • Driving Directions:Access from Arrow Park Ferry: At the ferry terminus set your odometer. Your odometer readings will not conform to the km signs on the road. From the ferry terminus travel straight ahead on the "Lower Mosquito Road". Continue up this road for 6 km. Just after crossing the bridge over Arrow Park (Mosquito) Creek, turn right onto the "Branch 20" road. Follow this road for 3 km. At the junction with the "West Mosquito Road" continue straight ahead. Travel north on the "West Mosquito Road" for 5 km, to the "16 km" road marker. At this junction, turn left onto the road marked "Caribou Lake". Continue up this rough dirt road for 8 km. There will be a log cabin on your right. Continue straight ahead (left) to Caribou Lake. There will be 2 more forks in the next 2.3 km, at both these, stay right. You will soon see Caribou Lake on your right. The road to Caribou Lake is marked with a brown 4x4 post with white lettering. Access from the Needles Ferry: From the Needles Rest Area at the ferry terminus, travel west on Highway 6 for 4.4 km. Turn right onto the "Whatshan Lake Road". Set your odometer. At 1.6 km turn right onto the "Whatshan Forest Service Road" also signed as the "Whatshan Access Road Revelstoke Arrow Park". At 2.5 km stay left. From here on, you will be following the east shore of Whatshan Lake for another 21.6 km to the junction with the "Stevens Road". Stay left at the junction at 14.1 km. At 15.7 km continue straight ahead. "Branch 5" at the "30 km" road marker will be passed at 17.4 km on your odometer. At 24.1 km on your odometer and take the right fork signed "Stevens Revelstoke & Arrow Park". Reset your odometer. You will pass the "23 km" road marker. Continue down "Stevens Road" for 14.8 km. Turn left onto the "West Mosquito Road". Reset your odometer. Travel 7.9 km north on the "West Mosquito Road" to the "16 km" road marker. See access notes above for the next 10.3 km to Caribou Lake.

  • Fire Bans and Restrictions:Link

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