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Trapping Creek
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Trapping Creek
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Trapping Creek
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Trapping Creek
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Trapping Creek
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Trapping Creek
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Trapping Creek
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Trapping Creek
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Trapping Creek
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Trapping Creek
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Trapping Creek
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Trapping Creek

Trapping Creek (Kelowna)

Horseback RidingCamping

  • Rec Site #:REC230852
  • Type:User Maintained
  • Fees:None
  • Campsites:0
  • Access:Road
  • Facilities:None
  • Site Description:The Trapping Creek Horse Trails are mainly old grassy two-track logging trails connected by enhanced cow paths and game trails, so the terrain varies. The horse trail network boasts several loops connecting the camps, with varying distances between 3-12 miles and several good creek crossings. Altitude changes on the trails on the North/West side of the creek are gradual. The greatest elevation change is approximately 1500' over about 2.5 miles. The trails on the South/East side of the creek are pretty flat. For some, the many crossings of Trapping Creek can be challenging during the height of spring runoff, which is usually short but powerful and depends on the snowpack melt. There are 3 camp areas along the Trapping Creek FSR. Each will allow for 3 truck/trailer rigs to comfortably fit. Access to the campsites are on a first come-first serve basis. Other recreational campers also utilize these sites and in the late fall the area is very popular with hunters. The camping areas are primitive, but all have rock fire-pits. You will need to bring your own water as the creeks, while close by, aren't close enough for packing water. The 3 camps along the FSR also all have lovely shady areas for your horses. Lots of room for setting up pens and hi-lining at all camps. Don't be surprised to see bovine visitors in any of the camps! They do come by to say hello from time to time. The Trapping Creek is only a 5-10 minute walk from each of these 3 camps. There is firewood available, some on the ground and some dead standing. No shortage, but you will have to work for it. Bring your chainsaw. These camps can be a bit dusty during dry weather since they are right beside the Trapping Creek FSR, which is well-used by other Back Country enthusiasts and is active logging going on in the area on weekdays.

  • Driving Directions: From Hwy 97 in Kelowna take the turn?\off to Rock Creek/Big White ski area ?C it is Hwy 33. (right by Costco) you will see the big blue sign for this exit a bit in advance. Total distance from Kelowna is about 60km to the turnoff to Trapping Creek FSR. Stay on hwy 33, and at about 30km (at the top of a good climb) you will see the Big White Ski Area left turn sign. Don't take it! Stay on hwy 33 ?\ From this turn off you have about 28 or 29 km to go til you turn LEFT onto Trapping Creek Forest Service Rd. When you are getting close, you will see an old gravel pit area about 1 or 1.5 km before you turn off, it will be on your LEFT. 1/8 mile or so before you turn LEFT onto Trapping Creek FSR there is a forestry fire sign on your left, the kind that has a little roof thingy on it. The LEFT turn onto Trapping is a bit hidden, so go slow. Once you turn, you immediately cross a cattle guard, then go 1/2K and cross the bridge. There are km signs on the Trapping Creek FSR. First camping area is at 1.5 k, the second at 2.5k, camp 3 just before km8 and camp 4 at 8k intersection. Turn left at 8K if you wish to continue up to camp 6 (Meadow).

  • Fire Bans and Restrictions:Link

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