Richmond Lake Trail (Cranbrook)


  • Rec Site #:REC2354
  • Type:
  • Fees:None
  • Campsites:0
  • Access:Road
  • Facilities:None
  • Site Description: The trail to Richmond Lake is a short hike, with some steep sections. It is suitable for energetic families. If it is wet, care should be taken crossing the open rock slopes along the trail. Huckleberry pickers will enjoy this walk in the fall. Steep slopes with rock bands and waterfalls, a wildflower meadow near this subalpine lake and trout fishing offer something for everyone. More adventurous hikers with route finding skills can continue over Nogalski Peak to Perry Pass and Gold Run Lake.

  • Driving Directions: Main Access: Commencing in Cranbrook, at the junction of Hwy 3/95 and Hwy 95A, follow Hwy 95A for 14.1 km to Wycliffe. Turn south (left) onto the Wycliffe Park Road. Proceed 1.9km, crossing the St. Mary River, and turn south (right) onto Wycliffe Road. Follow this road for 0.8 km amd turn west (right) onto Perry Creek Road and set you odometer to zero. This is a good 2 wheel drive, gravel road. At 2 km the Perry Creek Road is also signed St. Mary River Road. Follow this road to a junction at 3.7 km, where it splits into the Perry Main Road to your left and the St. Mary River Road to your right. Take the left fork, onto Perry Main Road and reset your odometer to zero. At 1.9 km stay right on Perry Main FSR, crossing Perry Creek. Just past the 11 km road marker, continue left on the Perry Main FSR past its junction with the Sawmill Creek FSR. Continue along the bottom of the Perry Creek drainage, crossing Perry Creek just after the 23 km marker. At 26.9 km, by your odometer, cross Galway Creek and stay right on the Perry Main FSR, bypassing Galway Creek Road. Continue to the trailhead at 32 km. Park in the wide spot, just below the switchback. The trailhead sign is on your left.

  • Fire Bans and Restrictions:Link

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