Mt. Harry Davis (Houston)


  • Rec Site #:REC32713
  • Type:
  • Fees:None
  • Campsites:0
  • Access:Unknown
  • Facilities:None
  • Site Description: In 2006 the Morice Outdoors Society (MORS) noticed the potential of Mt Harry Davis as the perfect location for mountain biking trails. The site had many things going for it. Some of which included its close proximity to Houston, south facing slopes (which would allow for an early season), and an access road that would allow for shuttling. MORS then applied for an area based recreation permit on Mt Harry Davis, and the following year the permit was approved. Since that time the approved recreation permit has been waiting for the opportunity to be developed. The Houston Hikers Society, being interested in developing all types of trails, have been working to work on the Harry Davis Project. Newly secured funding will allow us to begin getting a professionally designed master trail plan that would be designed for the full pallet of trails on the site. We are now planning on having the master plan completed this September. This would be the first step. Once the plan is completed, we may start building only one trail at a time depending on community involvement. We will be looking for interested people in the community to become involved, especially mountain bikers. Burns Lake and Smithers have developed phenomenal mountain-biking trails within their towns. We would like to join this community and add to the mountain biking options throughout the Northwest.

  • Driving Directions:From the visitor info centre in downtown Houston, head East on Highway 16 for 1.8 km Turn left onto Williams Crescent and immediately turn left again onto the frontage road. After 330m turn right onto Mt Davis Way Drive for 1.65 km until Mt Davis Way intersects with the North Road (Michelle Bay FSR) Use caution when crossing the North Road. The first Area map is 650m after the crossing. Total Driving distance: 4.43 km

  • Fire Bans and Restrictions:Link

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