Chilliwack District

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Recreation Site     Activities Status Access
Fees Camping Boat Launch Fishing Boating Canoeing Beach Activities Swimming Horseback Riding Hiking Mountain Biking Trail Bike Riding - Motorized Snowmobiling Cross-country Skiing Picnicking
Apocynum                       Closed Motor Home
Fir Flat                       Closed Motor Home
Log Creek                         Closed Motor Home
Nahatlatch Lookout                               Closed 4WD
Nahatlatch River                         Closed 4WD
Scuzzy Creek                           Closed 2WD, 4WD
Allison Pool                       Open 2WD
Camp Foley                       Open Motor Home
Chipmunk Peninsula                       Closed 2WD
Rapids                         Closed 2WD
Riverside                         Closed Motor Home
Tamihi Creek                   Open Motor Home
Tamihi Rapids                         Open 2WD
Thurston Meadows                       Open Motor Home
Bear Creek                       Closed 2WD
Cascade Peninsula                       Closed 4WD
Cogburn Beach                       Closed 2WD
Rainbow Falls                           Open Boat-in
Eaton Creek                           Open 2WD
Peers Creek/Hbc Trail                             Open 4WD
Kenyon Lake                         Open 4WD
Lower Kearsley                   Closed Motor Home
Rock Creek                         Closed Motor Home, 2WD
Rocky Point                           Open 2WD
Sayres Lake                   Closed 4WD
Chehalis Lake North                       Closed
Chehalis Lake South                       Closed
Chehalis River                       Closed Motor Home
Francis Lake                       Open 4WD
Grace Lake                   Open 2WD
Hale Creek                           Open 4WD
Long Island Bay                           Open Boat-in
Lookout Lake                           Open 4WD
Skwellepil Creek                   Closed 4WD
Sunrise Lake                         Open 4WD
Twenty Mile Bay                 Closed 2WD
Weaver Lake                 Closed 4WD
Weaver Lake Group Site                   Open 4WD
Wolf Lake                         Open 2WD
Wood Lake                 Open 2WD


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