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Hart Farm
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Hart Farm
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Hart Farm

Hart Farm (Terrace)


  • Rec Site #:REC15778
  • Type:Maintained
  • Fees:None
  • Campsites:17
  • Access:Road
  • Facilities:Tables
  • Site Description: A large semi-open site on Kalum Lake, located in the Redsand Demonstration Forest. Features a sandy beach, good boating and fishing opportunities. 7 kms of easy walking and cycling trails adjacent to the site. During spring melt or heavy rains the West Kalum forest road may flood around the 25 km mark preventing entry or exit from Redsands and Hart Farm Recreation Sites. High water conditions may last for several weeks and prevent vehicles from leaving. Between Fall 2020 and Summer 2021 the road flooded 3 times! Do not camp during periods of high rainfall or melt. Monitor road conditions and be prepared to leave if conditions change.

  • Driving Directions: From Terrace drive west along Highway 16. 200 m. west of the Kalum River turn north onto the first road (West Kalum forestry road) for 26 km.

  • Fire Bans and Restrictions:Link

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