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Alexander Mackenzie Trail
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Alexander Mackenzie Trail
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Alexander Mackenzie Trail

Alexander Mackenzie Trail (Quesnel)

HikingHorseback Riding

  • Rec Site #:REC5728
  • Type:User Maintained
  • Fees:None
  • Campsites:0
  • Access:Road
  • Facilities:None
  • Site Description: The Alexander Mackenzie / Nuxalk - Carrier Grease Trail is a Historic route with which the help of local First Nations, led Mackenzie overland to the Pacific. The route had been used for generations of First Nations to transport Eulachon (a small fish) grease from the coast to First Nation communities inland. These were referred to as grease trails. Portions of the original foot path are still in use, while much of the trail has been converted to Wagon Roads to access reserves along the route.

  • Driving Directions: From Quesnel, head West on the Nazko Road, at Bouchie Lake turn right onto the Blackwater Road, stay North on the Blackwater towards Prince George, turn right onto the Tako and follow this to the new trail head location (27km), from the trailhead you can hike down to the Fraser River or continue West on the trail, all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Due to recent Wildfire the forest amongst sections of the AMHT is highly unstable. Trees and Branches are subject to break and fall with little or no warning. Use at your own risk. Fire has impacted the trail from 107km -114km & 131km - 146km approx. Burn severity may vary.

  • Fire Bans and Restrictions:Link

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  • Site Maps:

262.5 Dean River - Sqiness Lake.pdf

64-70 Cotsworth Lake.pdf

60-64 Moses Lake.pdf

47-60 Telegraph Range.pdf

208-227 Basalt Lake.pdf

202 208 Tom Baptist.pdf

Kohasganko River.pdf

96.5-101 Kluskoil Lake.pdf

192-202 Naglico Lake.pdf

McCall Flats.pdf

32-47 Nahlquonate.pdf

9-17 Punchaw.pdf

70-82 Titetown Park.pdf

114-125 Enchink Lake.pdf

174-192 Tsetzi Lake.pdf

0-9 Fraser River East Trail Head.pdf

146-159 Kluskus Lake.pdf

125-136 Sandyman Crossing.pdf

17-32 Cleswuncut Lake.pdf

208 km - Eliguk Lake East.pdf

262.5 -Tanya Lakes.pdf

Mackenzie Pass.pdf

82-96.5 The Swamp.pdf

249- 257 Gatcho Lake.pdf

159-174 Tasacha Lake East.pdf

227-249 Basalt Gatcho.pdf

101-114 Nuxalk Carrier.pdf

136-146 Kluskus Village.pdf

  • Site Documents:

Nuxalk Carrier Grease Trail Categories.pdf


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