Skeena / Nadina District

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Recreation Site     Activities Status Access
Fees Camping Boat Launch Fishing Boating Canoeing Beach Activities Swimming Horseback Riding Hiking Mountain Biking Trail Bike Riding - Motorized Snowmobiling Cross-country Skiing Picnicking
Agate Point                       Open 2WD, Motor Home
Augier Lake               Open 2WD
Bear Dens Trail                             Open 2WD
Binta Lake North                   Open 2WD, Motor Home
Binta Lake South                     Open 2WD, Motor Home
Boer Mountain                 Open 2WD
Colleymount                   Open Motor Home
Co-Op Lake                 Open 2WD
Division Lake                   Open 2WD, Motor Home
Eagle Creek/Opal Beds Trail                             Open 2WD
Government Point                   Open Motor Home
Guyishton Lake                   Open 4WD, Trail
Indian Bay                   Open Boat-in, 2WD, Motor Home
Kager Lake                 Open 2WD, Motor Home
Knapp Lake                   Open Trail, 4WD
Maxan Lake                     Open Motor Home, 2WD
Mcclure Pit                     Open
Moose Lake                       Open 2WD
Noralee East                 Open Motor Home
Noralee West                 Open Motor Home
Nourse/ Allin Creek Trail                             Open 2WD
Omineca Ski Club                           Open 2WD
Ootsa Landing                   Open Motor Home
Pinkut Lake                   Open Motor Home
Richmond Lake                           Open 4WD
Takysie Lake                 Open Motor Home
Taltapin Lake                     Open Motor Home
Trout Lake                     Open 2WD
Uncha Lake                 Open 2WD
Bairnsfather Creek                             Open 2WD
Elizabeth Lake                       Open Motor Home
Keynton Lake                     Closed 2WD
Little Fish Lake                       Open 2WD
Mitten Lake                       Open Motor Home
Pentz Lake                   Open 2WD
Sedan Creek                           Open 2WD
Starvation Lake                     Open 2WD
Suskwa River                         Closed 2WD
Sweetin River                       Open 2WD
Upper Kispiox River                     Open Motor Home
Aspen                           Open 2WD
Dungate Meadows Cabin                             Open
Eastern Lake                     Open 2WD
Francois West                     Open Motor Home
Helen Lake                     Open 2WD
Lamprey Creek                         Closed 2WD
Lamprey Lake                               Open
Lund Lake                     Open 2WD
Morice Nordic Area - Silverthorne Lake                   Open 2WD
Morice Wilderness Area                           Open 2WD
Mt. Harry Davis                             Open
Nadina Lake                     Open 2WD
Owen Flats "A" & "B"                         Open 2WD, Motor Home
Owen Hat                             Closed 2WD
Owen Hill                               Open
Owen Lake                     Open Motor Home
Parrott Lake                         Closed 2WD
Paul Lake                         Open Motor Home, 2WD
Poplar Lake                     Open 2WD
Story Fire Lookout                             Closed Trail
Sunset Lake                 Open Motor Home
Sweeney Lake E                     Open 2WD
Sweeney Lake W                     Open 2WD
Telkwa Mountains Cabin                             Open
Twinkle Lake                     Open Motor Home, 2WD
Microwave Snowmobile Parking Area                             Open Trail
Bulkley River                 Open Boat-in, Boat-in, Trail
Canyon Creek Trails                               Open Trail
Chapman Lake                   Open Motor Home
Dennis Lake                 Open 2WD
Dome Snowmobile Cabin                         Open Trail
Doris Lake                   Open 2WD
Hankin Fire Lookout                             Open 4WD
Hankin Warming Hut                             Open
Hankin-Evelyn Backcountry Trails                               Open 2WD
Harold Price Snowmobile Cabin                           Open Trail
John Emmerson Cabin                             Open
Jonas Creek                           Open Motor Home
Kitseguecla Lake                     Open 2WD
Lunan                     Open 2WD
Morin Lake                     Open 2WD
Old Fort                     Open 2WD
Old Microwave Cabin                               Open
Piper Down                           Open Trail, 2WD
Sinclair Snowmobile Cabin                         Open Trail
Smithers Community Forest Trails                         Open 2WD
Taltzen Lake                 Open 2WD
Tanglechain Lake                         Open 2WD
The Bluff                           Open Trail
Torkelson Lake                       Open 2WD
Twin Falls                         Closed Motor Home, 2WD
Tyee Mountain Trails                         Open 2WD
Bonus Lake                         Open Motor Home
Derrick Lake                       Open 2WD
Telkwa River                           Open 2WD


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