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Kappan Mountain Lookout Trail
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Kappan Mountain Lookout Trail
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Kappan Mountain Lookout Trail
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Kappan Mountain Lookout Trail
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Kappan Mountain Lookout Trail
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Kappan Mountain Lookout Trail
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Kappan Mountain Lookout Trail
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Kappan Mountain Lookout Trail
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Kappan Mountain Lookout Trail

Kappan Mountain Lookout Trail (Anahim Lake)

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  • Rec Site #:REC230054
  • Type:Maintained
  • Fees:None
  • Campsites:0
  • Access:Road
  • Facilities:None
  • Site Description: This trail accesses a smaller sub-peak of Kappan Mountain, to the northwest of the main summit, and is a rugged backcountry destination for those wishing to get an elevated view of the stark contrast between the rugged Coast Mountains to the west of Anahim Lake, and the comparatively flat expanse of the Chilcotin plateau to the east. This moderately difficult backcountry hike offers scenic views of Kappan Mountain, Kappan and Hotnarko Lakes, the "Precipice", Anahim Peak, Hunlin Falls, Tweedsmuir Park and the Coastal mountain range. The trail takes about 2 to 3 hours to reach the top. There is about 553 meters of elevation gain in 3.6 km with an average slope of 16% from the trailhead to the lookout on the sub-peak of Kappan Mountain. Due to the moderately difficult terrain and the need for some route-finding once in the subalpine and meadows, this trail is recommended only for those with backcountry hiking experience. The trail is not patrolled, and grizzly bears and black bears are common in this area, so please be prepared and travel safe.

  • Driving Directions: From the community of Anahim Lake, turn south off of Hwy 20 onto the Kappan Mountain Road (the turnoff is just west of the Anahim Lake Airport). Travel 23.4 km on the Kappan Mountain Road to the trailhead, which is located on the left-hand or south side of the logging road. The trailhead is at 52�21'55.43"N 125�31'21.00"W. The trail heads up the hill from here, starting off through an old logging cut block, then through mature timber, and finally to the alpine above. Watch for blue flagging tape that marks the trail.

  • Fire Bans and Restrictions:Link

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