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Kuskanux Creek Trail / Hotsprings Trail
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Kuskanux Creek Trail / Hotsprings Trail
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Kuskanux Creek Trail / Hotsprings Trail
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Kuskanux Creek Trail / Hotsprings Trail
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Kuskanux Creek Trail / Hotsprings Trail
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Kuskanux Creek Trail / Hotsprings Trail
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Kuskanux Creek Trail / Hotsprings Trail

Kuskanux Creek Trail / Hotsprings Trail (Nakusp)

Mountain BikingHiking

  • Rec Site #:REC2444
  • Type:Maintained
  • Fees:None
  • Campsites:0
  • Access:Road
  • Facilities:None
  • Site Description: This historic route originally was used by miners at the turn of the century. The first recreational use of the trail began in the 1930's when the only way into the original hot springs was by foot or horse up this trail. The trail begins on the edge of an old clear cut. In the spring and early summer the daisies and fireweed put on quite a show. As you enter the forest, the character of the trail changes. Some unusual flowers you may be lucky enough to spot under the canopy are Broom-rape, Coral root, Candystick or Twayblade. This quiet trail climbs gently, high above Kuskanax Creek, all the way to the original hot springs. The trail is eventually joined by the trail from the Nakusp Hot Springs.

  • Driving Directions: Access: The trail head is on the out skirts of Nakusp. From the junction of Highway 6 and 23 in Nakusp, travel east on Highway 6 towards New Denver for 2 km. Turn left onto Alexander Road at Carson's Corner Store. Follow this road for 2.3 km. Turn right, at a brown 4x4 post with white lettering, signed "Kuskanax Cr Tr". Follow this rough, 2 wheel drive, dirt road for 1.4 km to a fork in the road. Take the right fork. This last kilometer is suitable for 4 wheel drive vehicles only. If parking your vehicle here, be sure to leave room for others to park, pass or turn around. Alternate access is from Nakusp Hot Springs. Park in the parking lot for the Nakusp Hot Springs pools. Walk up the road that continues past the pool parking lot. Shortly you will cross Kuskanax Creek on a suspension bridge. Once across the bridge, follow the sign marked "To Springs". Within 200 meters the trail will fork, take the right fork, signed "To Town".

  • Fire Bans and Restrictions:Link

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